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Opticell Flexible Inner Duct

Opticell Flexible Inner Duct   Opticell Flexible Inner Duct   Opticell Flexible Inner Duct   


OptiCell is a flexible fabric inner duct system designed to increase cable deployment efficiency, enabling the installation of up to 30% more cables than rigid HDPE inner ducts in conduit-based network infrastructure. The only patented fabric inner duct, OptiCell’s unique textile construction allows it to conform to the shape of cables placed within. Hence greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid inner ducts, thus increasing conduit capacity.


The Opticell flexible duct is an innovation from Milliken, a textile technology company, who have the world’s largest private textile research facility. Opticell is one of Milliken’s world-leading cable management solutions.

Space Saving

OptiCell flexible duct saves its users significant project costs by increasing cable density in network infrastructure. Therefore greenfield applications require smaller trenches, smaller vaults, and less conduit while still providing channels for future network expansions. By being able to override existing cables in conduits previously thought to be full, OptiCell offers a NO DIG solution in today’s network expansion projects.


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Benefits   Benefits   Benefits   


OptiCell cable management solutions:

  • Future proof networks
  • Increase conduit capacity
  • Reduce wasted space
  • Provide dedicated conduit pathways
  • Allow for easier cable identification
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Place 30% more cables
  • Install OptiCell 2x faster


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  • Use 30% less manpower
  • Configurations in 1, 2, and 3 cells
  • Standard, Detectable, and Fire Resistant versions
  • Pre-installed color-coded pulling tapes standard
  • Pre-lubricated for lower pulling tensions
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products


Data Sheets


4G44182OptiCell 4G 2 Cell, Max Cable OD 18mm, MaxGlide1000m x 18mmreel72kg2
4G44182D OptiCell 4G 2 Cell, Max Cable OD 18mm, MaxGlide Detectable1000m x 18mm reel95kg2
4G1000OptiCell Subduct Pit Notice Tape 72mm x 66mroll
MRSO50-M8Spider 50mm Rodding Head M8 Threadeach
Other Opticell sizes available as special order