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Waste Baling Twine

Waste Baling Twine - Toughbind


Tapex is a major supplier of high-quality polypropylene industrial twine to the waste compacting and recycling industries.



  • High knot strength
  • Non-UV stabilised
  • Polypropylene can be recycle


product specification

A comprehensive range is available in sizes to suit compactors from all manufacturers.

CodeDescriptionSizeUnit Measure
K075452 NATLASH 1500TEX WHITE 2 x 4000mPack
120144 NATLASH 2000TEX WHITE 2 x 2000mPack
K075414 NATLASH 3000TEX WHITE 2 x 2000mPack
K075476 NATLASH 4500TEX WHITE 2 x 1350mPack
K075391SNATLASH 6000TEX WHITE 2 x 1000mPack
140170NATLASH 6000TEX DUMPING WHITE 2 x 1500mPack
120155NATLASH 7000TEX WHITE 2 x 1300mPack
K075483NATLASH 9000TEX WHITE 2 x 700mPack
160250TOUGHBIND 12500TEX YELLOW1 x 1500mPack
140107SUPALASH 7 BLUE4 x 850mPack
140108SUPALASH 8 BLUE4 x 580mPack