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Tracer Wire SoloShot Xtreme 4mm x 305m Pipe Burst

Copperhead SoloShotâ„¢ CCS Tracer Wire

Copperhead Tracer Wire High Strength CCS
Tracer Wire Superflex CCS 1mm x 150m Green Break Strength 34 kg

Termite Tracer Wire Cable Nylon 2.5mm x 500m

Tracer Wire Connectors

Overpipe – Full Pallet

Cable Protection Covers

Opticell Flexible Subduct (Maxcell)
Flat Pull Tape Tensile Strength 565kg 11mm x 1000m
Flat Detectable Pull Tape Tensile Strength 565kg 11mm x 1500m

Cal Am Duct Closures

Economy Knitted Barricade 4kg

Budget Barricade 5kg

Barrier Mesh 8kg


Bison Barrier Mesh 9kg


Enduro Barrier Mesh 11kg

Hi-Vis Heavy Duty Barrier Mesh 14kg

Oyster Mesh


Twisties Cut Length Green
Butchers Twine

Multi-End Cop