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DIGSAFE™ Cable Cover is made from recycled polyethylene to Australian standard AS 4702-2000. Buried at least 600mm above cables or pipelines, it provides a physical protective barrier as well as an early visual warning. Cable Cover made to AS 4702-2000 resists penetration from manual impacts (such as picks) and will last for decades underground without degradation. Standard 5 – 6mm thick cable cover stock comes in planks or rolls for electrical or gas services. Its use is specified as mandatory by most power utilities.

All DIGSAFE™ Cable Cover is batch tested for conformity to AS 4702 and certified by globally recognised TUV Rheinland.


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DIGSAFE™ is a significant supplier of cable cover to major infrastructure projects throughout the Southern Hemisphere. The ability to manufacture compliant products in 150m roll sizes, saves installation costs and freight.

Recent projects supplied include utility-scale solar farms, wind farms, and gas pipeline infrastructure projects.


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TAP15020AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 150mm x 20mOrange/Black150mm x 20mroll19kg45
TAP20020AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 200mm x 20mOrange/Black200mm x 20mroll25kg45
TAP30020AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 300mm x 20mOrange/Black300mm x 20mroll38kg15
TAP150150AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 150mm X 150mOrange/Black150mm x 150mea
TAP200150AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 200mm X 150mOrange/Black200mm x 150mea
TAP300150AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 300mm X 150mOrange/Black300mm x 150mea
TAP450150AS4702 Elec Cable Cover 450mm X 150mOrange/Black450mm x 150mea
TAP20015GASAS4702 Gas Cable Cover 200mm X 15mYellow/Black200mm x 15mroll17kg25