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Termite Resistant Tracer Wire

Termite Tracer Wire   Termite Tracer Wire   Termite Tracer Wire   


DIGSAFE™ Termite Resistant Tracer Wire is laid over non-metal pipes to facilitate their detection by standard locating equipment (see page 12). DIGSAFE™ Tracer wire should be laid on the pipe, in conjunction with a warning tape or mesh 300mm below the ground surface. The locator will directly connect to the wire at an access pit passing an electric current through the wire, enhancing its accurate detection via an inductive location instrument on the surface. The nylon12 termite-resistant sheath surrounding the wire, inhibits the destruction of the waterproof jacket by termites, prolonging the effective life of the tracer wire.

• 2.5mm2 single core PVC insulated
• Termite protection barrier sheath
• Working voltage up to and including 450 / 750V
• Conforms to AS/NZS 5000.2:2006
• Santos approved

Options include: Standard sizes plus custom-made to requirements, for diameter, length, and colours.


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WT251002.5mm SDI Tracer Wire Cable Nylon2.5mm x 500mreel