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Overpipe™ was developed in France as an alternative to the 150 – 200mm thick concrete slabs used as an underground protection barrier over high-pressure gas pipelines. Overpipe is designed as a penetration barrier, to withstand the attack of excavators and post-hole augers.

Due to Overpipe™’s effectiveness and the cost savings generated, it is now used by major gas, power, telecom and rail utilities across the globe to protect critical buried infrastructure.

Overpipe™ is a 15mm thick, 1800mm long virgin polyethylene plate, brightly coloured with an embossed warning message. Widths vary to suit different pipe and cable diameters. Thanks to the properties of the material, colour, and performance will be unaffected by soil conditions for many decades underground – hence the 50-year warranty.

Unlike concrete, Overpipe™ is light, easily transported, can be cut to size, and is flexible and prefabricated. This allows the plates to be removed intact to enable access to the pipe or cable, then re-laid.


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  • More economical than concrete
  • Light weight but tough 15mm thick HDPE
  • High VIS yellow, embossed warning
  • Range of widths – 500mm to 1800mm
  • 39 sheets per pallet, low transport cost
  • Overlapping plates with a simple joiner
  • Holes for drainage & CP monitoring
  • Easy to install, two-man lift
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 50 year warranty
  • Custom sizes and colours



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Two people holding Overpipe Protection Plate


811008Overpipe OV5 570 GasYellow570 x 1500 x 15each1250
811009Overpipe OV6 820 GasYellow820 x 1500 x 15each18.550
811020Overpipe OV1 1250 Gas 2mYellow1250 x 2000 x 15each3430
811022Overpipe OV3 1500 Gas 2mYellow1500 x 2000 x 15each4130
811031Clip & plug connector APA approved connector system1 pair1 x yellow, 1 x blackeach
811032Spliced Rope connectors4 per plate700mmeach120