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3M EMS Marker Balls    3M EMS Marker Balls    3M EMS Marker Balls   


The 3M Ball Marker makes the job of precisely locating underground facilities easier. The 3M EMS Ball Markers have a unique self-leveling design that provides an accurate, horizontal position regardless of how the ball is placed in the ground.

They have a range of up to 1.5 metres from marker to locator and can be accurately located using a 3M Dynatel™ Locator. Smart technology use of a well-established radiofrequency application.


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  • Using EMS Markers during construction, installation and maintenance virtually eliminates the time-consuming search for hard-to-locate facilities
  • High accuracy – mis-locates are significantly reduced
  • Long lasting passive antenna encased in waterproof shell helps identify underground facilities for years to come
  • The water-resistant polyethylene shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals and the temperature extremes normally found underground


  • All markers function without the need for an external power source
  • Frequency and colour coded helps to identify the specific utility – Water, Gas, Power, Sewer, Recycled water or Communications
  • Operating temperature spans from -20 to 50⁰C

3M iD Markers can be customized to include customer-specific information such as facility data, type of application, material type, size and placement date.



CodeProduct DescriptionColourUnitWeight (kg)
3M EMS RFID Passive Marker Balls (READ ONLY). Bury depth 1.5m
016112EMS Passive TelephoneOrangeBall0.25
016102EMS Passive PowerRedBall0.25
016106EMS Passive WaterBlueBall0.25
016110EMS Passive Waste WaterGreenBall0.25
016104EMS Passive GasYellowBall0.25
016119EMS Passive Rec WaterPurpleBall0.25
3M EMS RFID Programmable Marker Balls (READ/WRITE). Bury depth 1.5m
016120EMS Programmable TelephoneOrangeBall0.25
016121EMS Programmable PowerRedBall0.25
016111EMS Programmable WaterBlueBall0.25
016115MS Programmable Waste WaterGreenBall0.25
016118EMS Programmable GasYellow Ball0.25
016122EMS Programmable Rec WaterPurpleBall0.25