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Safety Signs & Posts   Safety Signs & Posts   Safety Signs & Posts   


Safety signs are crucial to any suite of warning solutions. The primary importance of safety signs is to indicate the presence of buried infrastructure and warn of the possible dangers and penalties from unauthorised excavation of the service.

We supply customisable signs, posts, and brackets for large projects. We design our signs to your specifications and the relevant Australian standards.


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1. 50% more warning messages than a flat post.

The highly visible Rhino TriView®’s triangular design has three readable warning messages per post, so can be seen from
any direction.

2. Proven durability & flexibility

The Rhino TriView® can withstand repeated vehicle impacts of up to 80 KPH as well as temperatures ranging from -40c to 65c.

3. No need to paint

UV stabilised Rhinopoly® post material means the broad range of colours last, making it easy to identify individual services from a distance.

4. Rhino decals

Decals show the type of service, service provider details, and Dial Before You Dig information.

5. Easy installation

TriView® works in all soil conditions and may be buried, driven into the ground, or slid over a star picket or existing metal post.

6. TriView® PLUS

TriView® PLUS has a fibreglass rod inside, to withstand repeated impact. Ideal for rural areas where stock will bend or destroy conventional metal warning signs.

7. Customisable

A range of standard post colours and decals can be customised to suit your needs.

8. Safe

No sharp metal edges – Triview® bends so you don’t break.