About Us

Tapex Industrial is part of the Tapex Group of companies, a privately-owned Australian company that commenced operations in 1957 and based its success on customer focus, innovation, and superior service.
Over the past 60 years, Tapex Group has built its culture on three key platforms:

Customer first

Respect the individual

Innovation in everything we do

Our stakeholder relationships are at the centre of everything we do, as is our commitment to a sustainable environment and giving back to our community.

Community Support

Tapex Group companies support the wider community through The Rossi Foundation, which was established by Company Principal, Philip Rossi. The foundation supports multiple charities involving hearing-impaired children, cancer and other major disease research, indigenous education and women’s refuge centres.

Environmental Sustainability

Commitment to the Environment is at the forefront of our actions, including solar powered and water conservation installations at our operations. One of the Group’s entities is GreenLife Structures, a leading manufacturer and installer of the latest designs in greenhouse structures available within Australia, using green technology to maximise food production within the Horticulture sector.

Corporate Responsibility and a Commitment to Safer Work

The DIGSAFE® product range is designed to offer solutions to protect the nation’s infrastructure assets.

The extensive product range of warning tapes, detectable wire and the distribution rights to the global leading brand, OVERPIPE HDPE protection plates, protects assets across Australia in the resources, utilities and communication sectors.


Our Divisions

Tapex Industrial

The Tapex Packaging Solutions product range provides the original and best in twines for protection and containment across multiple applications.

Tapex has been a pioneer in packaging and containment systems since 1957, when it developed and manufactured synthetic flat strapping, an industry first in Australia. The Tapex® and Kinnears® brand names are synonymous with synthetic twines in the industrial sector, producing the right products for waste baling, food packaging and for moving pallets of goods in and from warehouses, for over 60 years.



DIGSAFE® products provide solutions that warn, detect and protect Australia’s critical infrastructure assets.

DIGSAFE® is also a part of Tapex Industrial, supplying excavation safety solutions that reduce maintenance costs caused by unintended pipeline and cable strikes.  Third-party strikes on buried infrastructure have become an increasing issue as more utilities move underground and trenchless installation technologies are deployed.  At best, pipe or cable strikes are costly and disruptive – at worst, they can cause catastrophic damage and loss of life.

The DIGSAFE® range includes detectable warning tapes and meshes, hard cable cover, HDPE protection plates, marker posts and signage, RFID systems, tracer wires and rock shield.  Site safety products are also part of the Dig SAFE® range, including hi-viz barrier fencing, bunting and custom safety tapes to protect your workers from onsite hazards.