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Pipe Armour

Apr 2024

Sand is an ideal backfill material due to its grain size, drainage ability, and ability to be compacted and maintained in place over time. However, sand is expensive and not always locally available. Transportation is also costly, due to its bulk. Sand requires a plant for installation, and it is difficult to place consistently around a pipe. A plastic mesh is more compact and less expensive to transport, and it can be installed relatively quickly and consistently.

Dig Safe’s Pipe ArmourTM pipeline protection mesh is an extruded plastic mesh that wraps around pipes and prevents rock damage to the cathodic protective coatings during the process of backfilling while trenching. Flexible mesh products are used in major pipeline projects to replace the thick sand collar that cushions the protective coating around a steel pipe. The mesh prevents stones in the backfill from abrading and puncturing the pipe’s coating, which would otherwise interrupt its cathodic protection system.

Pipe ArmourTM comes in a variety of widths to cover a comprehensive range of pipeline diameters and applications.  It cushions against the impact of rocks that could puncture the coating during backfilling and cause corrosion.

Pipe ArmourTM can be applied longitudinally, or spiral wrapped around the pipe.  Sections can be joined with a gas torch or secured with a variety of adhesive and non-adhesive strapping tapes or cable ties. Once the trench has been backfilled, Pipe ArmourTM continues to provide protection against abrasion by sharp stones during geological movements.


Pipe ArmourTM is a thick diamond extruded mesh. Features and benefits also include: