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Overpipe Protection Plates

Apr 2024

The Overpipe Plate, developed in collaboration with the Research and Development Department of Gaz de France Suez, is a robust solution designed for safeguarding buried pipelines. Constructed from injected HDPE, it withstands the force of a 32-ton excavator bucket and maintains its mechanical integrity for 50 years operating under the temperature of 60°C.

  1. Water Flow Design: The plate features small holes distributed across its surface (comprising less than 1% of the total area). These holes allow water to pass through, ensuring proper drainage. Importantly, the holes are a result of the moulding process, avoiding any weakening caused by later drilling.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Bevelled edges along the longer sides and a non-slip surface on both faces make handling easier and reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.
  3. High Visibility: The plate is uniformly coloured in bright yellow (UV resistant), serving as an effective warning signal. Alternative colour options are available based on the specific network requirements.
  4. Customizable Warning Message: The Overpipe Plate can be embossed with a personalised warning message, enhancing safety communication.
  5. Versatile Sizing: Available in various dimensions to accommodate different pipe diameters, the plates also provide extra width on the sides.

Installation options include superposition (with a 10cm overlap) or juxtaposition, with HDPE clips and caps securing the assembly. This innovative solution offers a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete slabs or metal plates.


Overpipe Installation

The plates can be installed in two ways:

Using Rope Connectors

Using Male and Female Connectors



Why Use Overpipe Protection Plates?


Key Product Points

● More economical than concrete.● Holes for drainage & CP monitoring.
● Lightweight but tough 15mm thick HDPE.● Easy to install, 2-man lift.
● High vis yellow, embossed warning.● Anti-slip surface.
● 39 plates per pallet - low transport cost.● 50-year warranty.
● Overlapping plates with simple joiner.



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