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Jun 2024

Detect and Protect: Why Copperhead?

Detecting the precise location of underground utilities is critical in protecting valuable infrastructure assets and saving lives. Copperhead’s Tracer Wire for underground utilities and Complete Utility Locating System® provides the strongest, most reliable, end-to-end signal for utility locating to safeguard what matters most.

Complete Utility Locating System®

The Complete Utility Locating System® is five simple steps to keeping underground assets safe. It includes Copperhead® copper-clad steel tracer wire, corrosion-proof locking connectors, drive-in magnesium ground rods, access points, and locating equipment to provide the most reliable end-to-end signal for your utility locating services.

Why a Complete System?

Tracer wire alone, or tracer wire that is improperly installed, is ineffective. A system of compatible components, including tracer wire, water-proof connections rated for direct bury, magnesium ground rods, and protective access points, is critical to ensuring signal continuity and detectability across the entire system.




Copperhead Installation

5 Simple Steps to Keeping Underground Utilities Safe




The Complete Utility Locating System® Layouts