Yellow/Black “Caution” Safety Tape


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Every day in public spaces and workplaces where construction or maintenance works are taking place, there is the potential for hazards that may cause injury, or worse. Ensuring the safety of the people completing the work and also those who use the space daily is paramount.

One product that helps promote the need for caution around potentially hazardous areas is safety tape – an item that should be an essential part of any occupational health and safety plan.

This is the most widely used tape in the Australian market. Tapex has gained a reputation for supplying safety tape that will last the life of a contractor’s work site under normal conditions.



  • Made to Australian Standards
  • Yellow with black lettering “CAUTION”
  • Highly visible
  • 75mm wide
  • 50m length/roll
  • Made from polypropylene

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Pack Weight

3.57 kg


Yellow with 'CAUTION' in Black Lettering

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