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Non-Detectable Tape or Mesh

Mains Marker   Mains Marker   Mains Marker   

DIGSAFE™Mains Marker

DIGSAFE™ Mains Marker Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tapes are coloured polyethylene tapes printed with a warning message to identify underground pipes and cables.

  • Made to AS/NZS2648.1 1995 and  AS/NZS 4275 Part 0 1995.
  • Can be manufactured with any text, language, colour, or size to your specification.
  • Solid tolerance from pH 2.5 to pH 11.0 inclusive.
  • Lead-free pigments with virgin grade PE film.


860050Underground Warning Tape Gas MainYellow/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860355Underground Warning Tape CommsWhite/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860200Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860175Underground Warning Tape RecWaterLilac/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
115198Underground Warning Tape PotWaterGreen/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860150Underground Warning Tape SewerBeige/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860400Underground Warning Tape StormwaterBlue/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg2kg
860102Underground Warning Tape Drinking WaterBlue/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860100Underground Warning Tape WaterGreen/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
114979Underground Warning Tape FireRed/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
861210Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black150mm x 100mroll1kg384
114955Underground Warning Tape WaterGreen/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
114658Underground Warning Tape Gas MainYellow/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
115266Underground Warning Tape SewerBeige/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
860210Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
860211Underground Warning Tape CommsWhite/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
115105Comms/Gas/Elec 3-way non-detectable Warning TapeOrange/Black200mm x 500mroll6.5kg96
899204Comms/Elec 2-way non-detectable Warning TapeOrange/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
Fairwarning Mesh   Fairwarning Mesh   Fairwarning Mesh   


DIGSAFE™ Fairwarning® is a composite PE tape and extruded mesh, designed specifically to mark and warn of buried pipelines and cables. Digsafe Fairwarning® is available in non-detectable and detectable versions (incorporating a tracer wire).

  • Manufactured from high-strength coloured, rot-resistant homopolymer polypropylene plastic mesh
  • Warning message can be customised
  • Increased visibility
  • Strong, semi-rigid construction
  • Can be manufactured up to 300m wide.