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Why copperhead?

  •  Provides the strongest, most reliable end-to-end signal
  •  Proven system to safeguard your investment and infrastructure

Detect and protect underground assets with Copperhead’s Complete Utility Locating System™.

Effectively detecting the precise location of underground utilities is critical in protecting infrastructure assets and saving lives. Copperhead’s tracer wire and complete utility system provide the strongest, most reliable end-to-end signal. This ensures a safeguard to protecting your investment and infrastructure.

Copperhead’s Complete Utility system offers engineers, asset owners, and utility locators a proven system that includes copper-clad steel tracers wire, SnakePits, and connectors.

Tracer Wire   Tracer Wire   Tracer Wire   


Copperhead’s High Strength range of tracer wires combines the strength of fully annealed high-carbon steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of solid copper.

A fully annealed high-carbon core provides resilience, and strength and allows stretch to accommodate ground movement. The virgin-grade high-density polyethylene coating offers superior underground protection. The result is an industry exclusive in strength and reliability.

  • Superior impact strength
  • Strong, resilient, and flexible
  • 11% lighter than solid copper
  • Superior underground protection


Connectors   Connectors   Connectors   


Waterproof connectors join the insulated tracer wire, preventing corrosion and ensuring the system lasts the life of the pipeline. There are two types of connectors available for standard wires:

Single Lug connectors are inexpensive, waterproof, and simple to use for joining up 4 wire ends.

3-way Direct Bury Lug connectors eliminate the need to cut the main line, install in less than a minute, and are perfect for connecting services to the main line. The outer lid locks down in three places, keeping the connection free from contaminants.  All connectors are pre-filled with a dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens, making them waterproof and corrosion-proof.

SnakePit   SnakePit   SnakePit   

tracer wire test stations

Copperhead’s Snakepit® test stations make locating underground utilities easy! The SnakePit® offers an insulated direct connection point for your locator transmitter that attaches easily to tracer wire. There is no need to unlock the lid to connect to the tracer wire.

The SnakePit® sits flush to the ground, pavement, or roadway. The heavy-duty cast iron lid has relief lettering of the service. The encapsulated magnet system makes finding the access point simple. Anti-corrosion technology and a locking cover will give you peace of mind.

  • Secure it, cover it, don’t worry about it
  • Easy installation
  • Direct connect for locator
  • Magnet in lid
  • Built to last


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WT1502SFTracer wire Superflex CCS 1mm x 150m Green34 kg1mm x150mreel2kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1504Tracer wire HS CCS 1mm x 150m Yellow48 kg1mm x150mreel2kgOpen Cut Trench
WT15045Tracer wire HS CCS 1mm x 305m Yellow48 kg1mm x305mreel4 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1525Tracer wire HS CCS 1mm x 305m Blue48 kg1mm x305mreel4 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1505Tracer wire HS CCS 1mm x 760m Yellow48 kg1mm x760mreel12 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1534Tracer wire HS CCS 1mm x 150m White48 kg1mm x150mreel2 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1502Tracer wire HS CCS 1.6mm x 150m Yellow128 kg1.6mm x 150mreel4 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1402BTracer wire HS CCS 1.6mm x 305m Blue128 kg1.6mm x 305mreel8 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1503Tracer wire HS CCS 1.6mm x 760m Yellow128 kg1.6mm x 760mreel19 kgOpen Cut Trench
WT1509Tracer wire Soloshot 2mm x 760m Yellow522 kg2mm x 760mreel27 kgDirection Drill
WT1509BTracer wire Soloshot 2mm x 760m Blue522 kg2mm x 760mreel27 kgDirection Drill
WT1507CTracer wire Soloshot 2mm x 760m Cream522 kg2mm x 760mreel27 kgDirection Drill
PBX-50B1000Tracer wire Soloshot Xtreme 305m pipe burst2200 kg4mm x 305mreel45 kg
WT251002.5mm SDI Tracer Wire Cable Nylon2.5mm x 500mreel
WT1506Snakebite connector 1.6mmfits 1.6mm wire x 3jar 20
WT1507Single lug connector yellowUniversalpack 20
WT1517Single lug connector blueUniversalpack 20
WT15273-Way direct bury lug connectorUniversal/Xtremepack 10
PBX-SCPB01Soloshot Xtreme inline spliceXtremeeach
SP15000Snake Pit Test Station 2T, 14” yellow lidAdjustableeach2 kg
SP-KEYPentagon Wrench for Snake piteach
WT1600Magnesium Anode with Strain ReleaseUniversaleach2kg