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Gas Network Installation in Regional Victoria (Copperhead)

Brookfield Infrastructure Group installed a 160 km pipeline network in regional Victoria to supply natural gas to 11 towns. To minimise disruption to these communities and reduce costs, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was used to install up to 80% of the pipeline network.

Under HDD, however, using standard copper tracer wires for pipeline detection can represent a significant expense with expected break rates of 30%, and the potential for pipe re-drilling.



A 14 gauge (1.6mm diameter) Copperhead high-strength, copper-clad, steel tracer wire was installed providing a zero break rate & 100% detection. Designed specifically for trenchless installation with 6 times the tensile strength of its standard copper equivalent, Copperhead’s copper-clad, steel tracer wire represents considerable savings in time and money.

The single-lug twist connectors used to join tracer wire ends are simple & effective. The tracer wire ends are stripped of the plastic insulation, pushed into the connectors, and twisted. A strong mechanical joint is created.

Rhino™ Soil Markers & A-Tag Pavement Markers were used as the physical marking solution, offering economy and high visibility as well as quick, easy installation.


Overall, the trenchless installers preferred the Copperhead™ system, as it was easy to use and installed the first time, every time.