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3M Gas Near Surface Marker
3M EMS Near-Surface Markers (Gas)

3M™ EMS Near-Surface Markers

3M EMS Near-Surface Markers provide an accurate, long lasting method of marking underground assets. The markers have a range of up to one metre from marker to locator and can be programmed to include customer specific information (iD version).


  • By using EMS Markers during construction, installation and maintenance, utilities can virtually eliminate the time consuming search for hard to locate facilities
  • High accuracy – mis-locates are significantly reduced
  • A long lasting passive antenna is encased in a waterproof shell. This results in
  • All EMS markers function without the need for an external power source
  • Frequency and colour coded helps to identify the specific utility
  • Because surface markers can be programmed, you can include customer-specific information about the asset. Details such as the facility owner, conduit size, placement date, and other important details
  • Operating temperature spans from -20 to 50⁰C