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3M Dynatel 7420 locator

3M™ Dynatel™ 7420 EMS Tape Locator

3M Dynatel 7420 is a performance EMS tape locator that quickly and efficiently locates all frequencies of 3M EMS Path Marking Tape/Rope & electronic markers (balls, near-surface, full range, etc.).

It has the capability to read/write to 3M Dynatel iD Enabled Markers. Because the 7420 can detect radio frequency location, it will locate most other conventional electronic markers.


  • Locates and follows the path of EMS Caution Tape/Rope.
  • Locate and read 3M iD Markers.
  • Write to 3M iD Markers (prior to burial).
  • Pinpoints depth and location.
  • Identifies depth and direction of EMS Caution Tape and Rope.
  • GPS adaptable.
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and well balanced
  • Rugged and durable


2200RB Rechargeable Battery Yes
Cable/Pipe Locate No
Carrying Bag Included Yes
EMS Caution Tape Finding Capability Yes
Marker Finding Capability Yes
Product Type Utility Locator

Watch the instructional video on locating training